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Tutorials & Videos





Tutorials & Videos


Tutorials and Videos are designed to help you use the financial applications in an efficient way.

This Section Includes:

Essential Tutorials

FAQ Tutorials

The Essential tutorials serve as Step-by-Step instructions for accomplishing common tasks. They are indicated with a Check Mark  icon. The other links are Frequently Asked Question tutorials which answer specific questions concerning the Financials. There are also other videos listed that are not part of the Essentials or FAQ tutorials.

NOTE: Click the blue link to view the tutorial or click the Video  icon to view the video.


Getting Started

 Getting Started


General Ledger




 101 Financials - Chart of Accounts (Free Course)

 Modify Account Structure and Accounts

 Enter Opening Balances

 Enter a Budget

 Process a Journal


 How do I copy the chart of accounts?


 How do I enter next year's budget?


 How do I run a report for one department?


 How do I add or change account numbers across departments?


 How do I modify my budget in Excel?


Bank Account Management



 Setup a Bank Account

 Reconcile a Bank Statement


 How do I adjust check alignment?


 How do I set up a Positive Pay file layout?


Accounts Payable



 Add a Vendor

 Process an Invoice

 Process a Credit Card Transaction


 How do I import credit card transactions?


 How do I void a check?


 How do I change the Bank Account for an Invoice?


 How do I change the Vendor for an Unpaid Invoice?





 Setup Compensations and Deductions

 Add an Employee

 Process Payroll


 How do I void a check?


 How do I manage Time-Off requests?



 How do I adjust W2 amounts?



 How do I adjust Employer Paid Health Care Value on a W2?



 How do I process an employee bonus check?



 How do I Add a Minister


 ACA Reporting


Accounts Receivable


 Enter an Invoice


 Manage Unposted Invoices


 Modify a Revenue Center


 Modify Item Information


Purchasing Management




 Modify an Approval Path


 Enter a Request


 Manage Requests


 Apply Purchase Order to Invoice in AP


Fixed Assets




 Modify Asset Information




 Security Setup - Overview


 Security Setup - Adding Users


 Security Setup - Task Roles




 Accessing the Portal


 Tips for using the Financials