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Security Setup





Security Setup

The Security Setup pages allow you to set up the Users, Task Roles, and Account Rights roles needed to manage your security in the Financials. To access the Security Setup options, click the Applications menu item. Notice the menu displays Security Setup as the second item on the menu.

There are three options under the Security Setup menu item which allows you to navigate to each of the 3 Security Setup pages.

Users: Allows you to set up logins that use Task Roles or Account Rights Roles.

Task Roles: Allows you to set up access to various parts of the program.

Account Rights Roles: Allows you to set up access to specific Accounts or Account levels.

These three sections relate to each other. The Task Roles and the Account Rights Roles are both used to create specific rights which are then assigned to user. The following pictorial displays the relationship between the Security pages.

Notice that both Task Roles and Account Rights Roles are connected to each User. It is a best practice to set up the Task Roles and the Account Rights roles before entering users.


This Section Includes:


Task Roles

Account Rights Roles