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Process a Journal Entry

Most journal entries are generated as sub-ledgers from another application and then are further processed on the Unposted Journals page. Journals can also be entered manually and then processed on the Unposted Journals page.

This Step-by-Step tutorial guides you through the process of entering a manual journal to correct an invoice that was entered for the wrong account, managing that journal and other unposted sub-ledger journals, and then viewing the posted journals on the Posted Journals page.

For a visual tutorial, see the Process a Journal  video.

All video tutorials can be viewed from the Tutorials & Videos page.

This Section Includes:

Enter a Manual Journal

Manage Unposted Journals

View Posted Journals


Enter a Manual Journal


1.          From the General Ledger menu, Select Enter -> Manual Journal.

2.          Enter the Date, Period, Journal Type, and Description for the journal.

3.          Under the Details section, enter the Account number, the detail line Description, and the appropriate Debit or Credit Amount.

4.          Click the Add New  icon to add another line of detail or click the Add New Lines  icon-link to add multiple lines of detail. Continue adding lines of detail until the journal is complete.

5.          Also, you can add a Note to your journal to indicate details of why this journal is being entered.

6.          After entering all the detail lines, review the journal for accuracy and then click the Update button to save it.


Manage Unposted Journals


1.          After clicking the Update button, the Unposted Journals page appears. Select any journals that you would like to post by clicking the check box next to each journal and then click the Journal Edit Report button.

2.          The Edit List of Journals displays. Click the Report Preferences bar to change your preferences for this report.

3.          Click the Run Report button after setting your preferences.

4.          Review the Edit List of Journals for accuracy. Click the Print  button to print a hard copy, or click the Export link to download a copy of the report. Click the Close Report button to return to the Transactions page.

5.          Click the Edit  icon next to a journal to make any modifications to it. Click the Delete  icon to delete a journal.

NOTE: Only manually entered journals can be deleted.

6.          Hover over Note  icon to view the note for that journal.

7.          In case you post a journal to the wrong year, there is a Change Year feature that can be used. After selecting the journals with the wrong year, click the Change Year button. Select the correct year and then click the OK button.

8.          To Post your journals, verify that the correct journals are selected and then click the Post Journals button.

9.          The Posting List of Journals displays. Click the Print  button to print a hard copy, or click the Export link to download a copy of the report. Click the Finalize Post button to complete the posting process.


View Posted Journals


Journals that have been posted can be viewed on the Posted Journals page.

1.          From the General Ledger menu, select View -> Posted Journals.

2.          Enter any filters to narrow the number of journals that display on the grid and then click the Search button.

3.          Click the Expand  icon next to a period to view the journals posted in that period.

4.          Click the Expand  icon next to a detail journal line to view the details of that journal.

5.          Notice that there are buttons to Reverse, Copy and Reverse & Copy the journal entry. These buttons are helpful in making corrections because they automatically enter a corresponding journal for you that is Reversed, Copied, or Reversed and Copied. There is also an option to modify the Project for each detail line of the journal.

6.          Sub-ledger entries (entries that are generated from another application such as Accounts Payable) have a View Source Document link and a Drill Down link. Click the View Source Document link to download a PDF of the source document for that journal.

7.          Click the Drill Down link to display a Journal Drill Down window. Click the Close button to close the window.