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What Are Some Tips for Using the Financials?

When using any software, there are usually some tips that can make your experience better.

This Step-by-Step tutorial guides you through the following tips in the Financials: Add a one-click shortcut to the Enter Transactions page in Accounts Payable, Use keyboard shortcuts on the Enter Transactions page, Modify a dashboard widget to display your unposted journal entries.

For a visual tutorial, see the Tips for using the Financials  video.

All video tutorials can be viewed from the Tutorials & Videos page.

This Section Includes:

Add a One-Click Shortcut to the Enter Transactions Page

Use Keyboard Shortcuts on the Enter Transactions Page

Modify a Dashboard Widget to Display Your Unposted Journal Entries

Add a One-Click Shortcut to the Enter Transactions Page


1.          From the Top menu, select Applications -> Accounts Payable.


2.          From the Accounts Payable menu, select Enter -> Transaction.

3.          Click the Close link when the Person Search window appears.

4.          Click on the Add To My Tasks link located in the upper right-hand corner.

5.          Notice the Enter Transaction link appears in the My Tasks menu.


Use Keyboard Shortcuts on the Enter Transactions Page


1.          From the Enter Transaction page, click on the Due Date field.

2.          Press the letter "T" on your keyboard. Notice that today's date appears in the Due Date field. ("T" stands for Today's Date.)

3.          Next, click on an the Project field and then press the letter "S". ("S" stands for Search.)

4.          Notice the Project Search window appears.

NOTE: The letter "S" can be used to search on any field that contains a Search  icon or a Calendar  icon.


Modify a Dashboard Widget to Display Your Unposted Journal Entries


1.          From any financials dashboard, click the widget drop-down and then select the "My Status" option.

2.          Click the Select link located on the right side of the widget title bar.

3.          Select the "My Unposted Journal Entries" option in the Available Options box and drag it over to the Selected Options box.

4.          Next, click the Save link on the widget title bar.

5.          Notice a summary of your unposted journals appears. Click the View Details  icon to see more information about your unposted journal entries.

6.          The unposted journals appear in a gird.

Click the Export  to Excel  icon to export the list of journals to an Excel spreadsheet.

Click the Edit  icon to make changes to the a specific journal.

Click the Close link if you are finished viewing the journals.

NOTE: You can add several status queries to appear on the My Status widget. This example only displays one. Be aware that if you load a lot of queries on the My Status widget and have a large database, it may take longer for the widget to load.