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How do I Run a Report for Just One Department?

Many times a financial report is needed for just one department so it can be given to specific staff members who are involved with that department. Most of the financial reports in General Ledger have filters for accomplishing this task.

This Step-by-Step tutorial guides you through running a Budgeted Financial Statement for the Facilities department.

For a visual tutorial, see the Run a Report for One Department  video.

All video tutorials can be viewed from the Tutorials & Videos page.

1.          From the General Ledger menu, select Reports -> Budgeted Financial Statement.

2.          Under the Filters tab, click the All check box on the Account Structure tree.

NOTE: Clicking the All check box alternates between selecting and deselecting all levels.

3.          Next, select the department that you want to print on the report by clicking the check box next to that department.

4.          Click the Options tab to further customize your report.

5.          The Options tab allows you to select which Report Template to use and other options such as the Reporting Period and printing in a landscape format.

6.          After selecting your options, click the Run Report button located at the bottom of the page.

7.          The report displays in a preview page. From here, you can click the Print  icon to print a copy of the report.

8.          The report can also be exported by selecting a format from the drop-down list and then clicking the Export link. For example, you may want to export the report to a PDF file and then email it to certain staff members.