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Payment Providers

The Payment Providers utility allows you to set up the Payment Providers that are referenced in Revenue Center Information in Accounts Receivable (More Information) and used via the Portal. The Portal lets external users view and pay Accounts Receivable invoices, create Purchasing Management requests, View Payroll earnings information, and request time off.

This Section Includes:

Payment Provider Update

The grid displays Payment Providers set up in the program with the following columns:




Merchant Account

User Name


Process Time

Double-click on a Payment Provider or click the Edit  icon to edit. You can also click the Add New Provider link to add a new Payment Provider. Click the Delete  icon by a Provider in the grid to be prompted to delete it.


The program accepts ShelbyNext | Giving as a payment provider. Click www.shelbynext.com/giving to learn more about and sign up for a ShelbyNext | Giving account.


Payment Providers Update


Payment Providers: Update allows you to enter or update Payment Providers. Populate all appropriate fields as directed by your payment provider:


Payment Processor: Select the payment processor class you are using. Payment processor classes are set up in the Lookups area (More Information).

Process: Select Credit Card or ACH.

Merchant Account

Sub-Merchant Account

User Name


Gateway URL


Leave the Password field blank to keep the current password when editing a Payment Provider. Entering a value in this field overrides the currently saved password. 


Click the Update button to save changes to the Payment Provider and return to the Payment Providers screen, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the page was updated, or the Cancel link to return to the Payment Providers screen without saving your changes.