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Loan Processing


Loan Processing allows you to manage the loans your organization provides to other organizations and individuals.

NOTE: The use of levels (such as funds and departments) is optional in the design of each chart of accounts. If the chart of accounts you are working with does not use levels then you would simply skip over information about these fields in the documentation.


Features and Benefits: 


Provision for various types of loans:conventional, balloon, and interest only

Management of loans to churches and individuals

Tracking for typical loan values and information: inception date, loan number, number of payments per year, loan amount, rate of interest, down payment, etc.

Production of amortization report per loan

Word processing file for payment booklets

Trial balance and other loan evaluation schedules

Real-time loan status at any time during the life of the loan


Refer to the Dashboard page for information about the widgets that display on the dashboard for each application.

This Section Includes:

Getting Started