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The Remittance application interacts with the General Ledger and Bank Account Management.

This application allows you to track pledges/apportionments and receipts from churches in your conference.

This application provides the denominational office with the tools to accurately figure apportionments as well as track the resulting remittances. See Resources > Financials Portal for more information.


Features and Benefits:


Unlimited number of accounts.

Flexible distribution methods.

Statements produced for any specified time period.

Standard reports include apportionment sums, remittances to meet totals, summary.

Manage all billing for all churches and other organizations within the jurisdiction of your office.

Produce a picture of how monies are allocated.

Advise givers of the proper crediting for their gifts.

Print current reports whenever needed.

Do planning based on accurate reports: amounts pledged, dollars contributed, balance remaining.


Refer to the Dashboard page for information about the widgets that display on the dashboard for each application.

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