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Budgeted Financial Statement

The Budgeted Financial Statement report allows you to view a side-by-side comparison of the proposed budget for each account and the actual activity for each account. Using Modify Budgeted Financial Formats you can create custom statement formats to get just the information you want to see on the report (More Information).

This Section Includes:





On the Filters tab select the Account Type to display on the report: All Income and Expense Accounts, Fixed Budget Accounts Only, or Variable Budget Accounts Only. In the Account Structure area select the levels you want to include on the report. The Account Number filter allows you to further narrow down which accounts you want to display on the report. Selecting any option other than Show All displays fields so you can input the numbers.


If you see companies listed in the Account Structure filter, see General Ledger Plus for information on running reports.



On the Options tab you can customize the Report Name and select the Report Template. You can set up and edit new templates under Modify Budgeted Financial Formats (More Information).

Check the Select Different Starting Period for Fiscal Year? check box if you would like to generate a report starting with a period from last year. Selecting this option changes the the Reporting Period to a Starting Period drop-down where you can select a year and month. The report uses the period specified on the Current Financial Settings as the ending period.

NOTE: This option does not show up if the user has the first year of the company selected under the Current Financial Settings. Inactive accounts and accounts that don't exist in the current year but had data in any of the periods within the range selected appear on the report. This option is also available on Special Reports.

Select the Reporting Period and then for Report Type select Detail or Summary. You can select Yes for the Adjust Variable Budgets option and enter a percentage to increase or decrease the budget for the report only. This does not actually change the current budget and only accounts marked as Variable Budgets are affected.


The option to Adjust Variable Budgets is typically used when you wish to run the Budgeted Financial Statement against a scenario in which the budget amounts in the variable accounts are adjusted up or down.


There are several Report Options:

Show Missing Budget as (-) Value?: Select this option to have the amounts on the report appear more understandable to non-accountant type individuals. It displays income accounts that are under budget and expense accounts that are over budget as negative amounts.

Suppress Zero Balances?

Print Percent Of Year Completed In Heading?

Show Sub Accounts?

Print Whole Dollars?

Print In Landscape?

Show Totals for Each Level?: This option causes a Net total line to display for each level above department.

Select the Line Spacing and # Decimals for Percents and then select one of the following for Account Description:

Do not wrap account description

Wrap account description

Print account description on second line

Select from Page Break Options: none or Department Name. The Include Options lets you select if you wish to Include Opening and Ending Balance for Each Department and Include Encumbrances (from Purchasing Management).


The option to Include Opening and Ending Balance for Each Department should only be used for departments that each have unique closing account references on the balance sheet. When this option is selected, the program will pull the Opening Balance for ALL closing accounts referenced in the department, add the Actual YTD column, and then calculate an ending balance.




Click the Run Report button to generate a preview of the report.

Click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their default values.

Click the Close Report button to return to the dashboard.

The report displays on the Report Preview page. Refer to the Report Preview help page for more information.


Drill Down


Click any total on the report to display the Posted Journals page in a new browser tab. This page displays all the journal detail that comprises the total you click. 


Note: The Drill Down functionality only applies to 'Actual' columns. In addition, percentage based columns do not have this feature.