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General Ledger Plus


General Ledger Plus has several advantages over the standard General Ledger application for Organizations with multiple companies. Reports in General Ledger Plus can consolidate information across multiple companies and include all or just selected companies and levels.

General Ledger Plus automatically creates a 'Master Chart of Accounts' company with a company number of zero (0). This company is established as a way to consolidate reports across different companies. There are changes in the following areas of General Ledger: Chart of Accounts, Dashboard, Posted Journals, Reports, and Special Reports.

This Section Includes:

Chart of Accounts


Posted Journals


Special Reports


Chart of Accounts

General Ledger Plus allows you to set up your 'Master Chart of Accounts' in Company 0 to which you will tie all other accounts in your other companies. Once you have set up your Company 0 Chart of Accounts you can link all your accounts in your other companies. Access one of your other companies and then from the General Ledger menu click Modify -> Chart of Accounts.

Click the Edit  icon by an account you want to link to your Master Chart of Accounts. In the Master Account section select your level information and Account #.

NOTE: Click the icon or press "s" in any field with the Search  icon to bring up a Search window. Use the filter at the top to narrow down your selection. In the Account Search window you can also specify the Account Type in a drop-down list. You can then double-click the item you want to select or click the item and click the Select button. Click the Close link to return to the Update page without making a selection.

Click the Update button to save your changes and return to the previous page, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the account was updated, or the Cancel link to return to the previous page without saving your changes.


Finish linking your accounts to the Master Chart of Accounts before you use any of the other features of General Ledger Plus.




The Budget Compared to Actual widget displays two charts: one chart showing Actual for Period and Budget for Period and another for Actual YTD and Budget YTD. When this widget is viewed within Company 0 these amounts are consolidated totals for all companies based on how accounts in those companies are linked to the Master Chart of Accounts. Viewing the widget in any company other than Company 0 displays amounts for that company only.

Posted Journals


When you search for Posted Journals within Company 0 results are from all companies based on how your accounts are linked to the Master Chart of Accounts. Accessing Posted Journals within any other company displays information for that company only.



General Ledger Plus allows you to run consolidated reports within Company 0 and consecutive reports within any other company. In either case you use an enhanced Account Structure filter to select which companies for which you want to run the report. Use the Selection drop-down list to select an existing saved selection or use the Add new link to specify a new Selection name and then select the companies you wish to include on the report. Click the Save button to save the selection or the Cancel add new link to cancel. You can use the Save button when editing an existing selection to save your changes or the Delete button to delete the saved selection.

Consolidated Reports:

You can run consolidated reports from Company 0. On the report page Filters tab select the levels within the companies on which you wish to report. Notice that your Company 0 is also available on the filter. Select the levels within Company 0 that you have linked to the levels you selected within the other companies. This results in a concise report containing just the information you want. All amounts on the report reflect combined totals from all selected companies.




If you select "Fund 10" from two of your companies, and have linked accounts in those funds to accounts in "Fund 10" within your Master Chart of Accounts, also select "Fund 10" within Company 0 using the filter.


Consecutive Reports:

You can run consecutive reports from any of your other companies. On the report page Filters tab select the levels within the companies on which you wish to report. When you run the report it prints consecutive reports for each company.

Company Information Report:

The Company Information report has a Companies drop-down list on the Filters tab. Select the companies on which you want to report.

Account Structure List Report:

The Account Structure List report has a Companies drop-down list on the Filters tab. Select the companies on which you want to report.

Chart of Accounts Report:

The Chart of Accounts report automatically displays all account links for your selections in the Account Structure filter. For best results, run this report within any company but Company 0. 

Special Reports


General Ledger Plus allows you to run consolidated Special Reports within Company 0. This works as described above in the Reports section.

Special Reports run normally for the selected company in Current Financial Settings within other companies.