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Purposes represent to what or to whom the gift is being given. This could be unrestricted contributions such as Tithes and Offerings, or restricted contributions such as Building Funds, Grants, Scholarships, Memorials/Honorariums, Missionaries, and so forth. When recording a gift, you simply select a purpose  reflecting the intent of the donor, and the program then handles the bookkeeping chores. At least one purpose must be established since a purpose is required when entering gifts.

If you have ShelbyNext Giving and want to integrate that with Financials, see Donors And Gifts Integration with ShelbyNext Giving for configuration information.  To receive online payments, create and publish a Form in ShelbyNext Giving. See the Giving Platform Setup Checklist for more information.

Manage Purposes allows you to filter, view, edit, and add new purposes. 


This Section Includes:


Purposes Grid

Purposes Update

Basic Info. Tab

Notes Tab




The options available in the Filters area are:


Valid on this date:

Active?: Show Active Only, Show Active and Inactive, or Show Inactive Only

Tax Deductible?: Show All, Show Tax Deductible, or Show Non-Tax Deductible

Report Columns: Select the desired column(s) from the drop-down list.

Allow Pledges: Show All, Show Allow Pledges, or Show Not Allow Pledges.

Click the Search button to display the results or the Clear Filters link to reset all filters.

Purposes Grid


The purposes grid displays purposes matching the selected filters with the following columns:



Outline Name:

Start Date:

End Date:


Tax Deductible:

Double-click on a name or click the Edit  icon to edit a purpose in the grid. You can also click the Add New Pledge link to add a new purpose (More Information). Click the Delete  icon by a purpose in the grid to be prompted to delete that purpose.

Purposes Update



Basic Info. Tab

Valid Between Dates:


Online Name:

Bank Account:

Location: displays if your General Ledger Account Structure includes Locations

Cost Center: displays if your General Ledger Account Structure includes Cost Centers

Department: displays if your General Ledger Account Structure includes Departments


Tax Deductible?:

Report Column:

Allow Pledges?:

Default Project:

Use ACH?:

Date First Gift:

Date Last Gift:

Notes Tab

Enter a note in the field provided if you wish.


Click the OK button to save the motivation, or click the Apply button to save the motivation and continue adding more.