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Donors And Gifts Integration with ShelbyNext Giving

NOTE: Prior to completing the below integration steps:

In Shelby Financials, you must have at least one Company and at least one Donors & Gifts Purpose set up.

In ShelbyNext Giving you should have the Funds(purposes) you want available for online giving set-up in Fund Management (Gear Icon>Fund Management).

To receive online payments, create and publish a Form in ShelbyNext Giving. See the Giving Platform Setup Checklist for more information.

Log into ShelbyNext Giving.

Go to the Gear Icon > ChMS Integration.



Choose Shelby Financials from the drop-down of Available Integrations.


It will ask you for information from your Shelby Financials Database next.


Enter your public Shelby Financials URL

Be sure to include the / at the end – EXAMPLE: https://yourchurch.myshelby.org/ 

Log into Shelby Financials.

From your main screen go to Utilities > Organization.


Click the Security Settings tab on the left.


Click Generate Secret.

Copy the API Secret that populates.

Scroll down and click UPDATE.

Go back to ShelbyNext Giving and paste the Secret API in the API Secret box then click Save API Info.


The system will take a moment to verify the credentials, then the screen will refresh.

The next step is to map your Giving System Funds to the corresponding Donors & Gifts Purposes.


NOTE: If nothing is populated in the Company or Purpose lists, click the Refresh Shelby Financials Fund List button, then proceed.

Once your Funds are mapped, click the Add New Fund Mapping to Save the Mapping.

Continue mapping steps until all Giving Funds have been mapped.

Proceed to the next setting, New Person Mapping. This is where you indicate to the system how to handle donors that it does not find in Financials.

When Enabled, it will create the record in Financials and attribute the gift to them.

If you choose to Disable, the gift will still process but the record of the gift will be placed on a Sync Error List in Giving to be reviewed/resolved by your team.

To Save these setting and complete integration, click Enable Shelby Financials Integration.