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Posted Journals


View Posted Journals allows you to easily view activity on journals already posted to General Ledger.

This Section Includes:


Journal Grid Results




You have access to several Posted Journals Filters:

Levels: You have one filter for each level active in your account structure.

Account Range 

Sub-Account: Selecting any option other than Show All displays field(s) so you can input the number(s).

Journal Types: Select which (or all) Journal Types to view.

Journal Number: Selecting any option other than Show All displays field(s) so you can input the number(s).

Projects: Select which (or all) Projects to include in your results.


Date: Select the time frame from which to view posted journal activity. Additional date filters may appear depending on what option you choose.

Amount: Selecting any option other than Show All displays field(s) so you can input the number(s).

Show Summary Journal: Selecting this option lists each journal one time on the grid instead of listing each detail line for the journal.

NOTE: Click the icon or press "s" in any field with the Search  icon to display a Search window. Use the filter at the top to narrow down your selection. In the Account Search window you can also specify the Account Type in a drop-down list. Double-click the item you want to select or click the item and click the Select button. Click the Close link to return to the previous page without making a selection.

Click the Search button to display activity for posted journals based on the filters you have selected or click the Clear Filters link to reset all filters. You can click Selected Account(s) to view all selected accounts based on your filters.

Journal Grid Results


In the grid there are rows for Opening Balances, All Periods, and each of the periods individually. Click the Posted Journals Column Options link to customize which columns appear in the grid. Click the Apply button to save your changes to the Column Options window, the Reset link to discard your most recent changes, or the Cancel link to return to the Posted Journals page without saving. By default, all of the following columns are displayed:


Current Year Amount

Prior Year Amount

Variance From Prior Year

Budget Amount

Variance From Budget

Current Year Total

Prior Year Total

Variance From Prior Year Total

Budget Total

Variance From Budget Total


You may see results from multiple companies if you are using General Ledger Plus.


Click the Print Journal Inquiry Report button to display a preview of the GL Inquiry Summary. Once the preview displays, you may click Report Preferences to select the Report Type: Summary or Detail. You can also select from the following Report Options: Print Journal Notes and Print Setup Information.


The Report Options are only available when Show Summary Journal is selected under Posted Journals Filters.


If you have changed the selected options click the Run Report button to display an updated report preview. Once the preview displays you can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print. Click the Close Report button to return to the Posted Journals page.

Click the Expand  icon by any row to display another grid containing a summary of each journal in that period. For each journal the following columns are displayed:



Account Structure





Click the Expand  icon by any journal to display the details of that journal including another grid containing the Details, Attachments, and Note tab from the journal. You also have access to the following functions:

Reverse Only: Creates an exact opposite (debits and credits) of the selected journal in Unposted Journals.

Copy Only: Creates an exact copy of the selected journal in Unposted Journals.

Reverse & Copy: Creates both an exact opposite and an exact copy of the selected journal in Unposted Journals.

Journals created using the Reverse Only, Copy Only, or Reverse & Copy procedure are associated with the period the original journal was posted. The journals are available in Manage > Unposted Journals where they can be modified before posting the journals if needed.

View Source Document: Only shows on journals coming from other applications and transferred recurring journals. Click this  to view a PDF of the source document associated with the current entry (e.g., Check Register).

Drill Down: Only shows on journals coming from other applications. Click this  to display the Journal Drill Down window. On the Summary tab the source of the journal is summarized. For example, a journal of a payroll run has the compensations, deductions, and taxes summarized. Click the Expand  icon by an item to see the break down of that item by individual. The Detail tab shows a line for each individual summarizing (for Payroll) the check information. Click the Expand  icon by an individual to show all details. Click Close when finished to return to the previous page.


The Project selection for each detail line can be changed using the drop-down list. These changes are saved automatically.