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Year and Periods

Modify Year and Periods allows you to edit the details of the currently selected year. You may also click the Add New Year link to add a new year. You may select a different year by clicking its link on the right panel.

This Section Includes:

Modify Year and Periods

Creating A New Year


Modify Year and Periods


NOTE: Adding a new year makes it the currently selected year. If you wish to work in a different year, you need to change your current financial settings after finalizing your new year set up (More Information).


Click the Delete  icon by a year on the right panel to be prompted to delete that year. You can only delete years with no activity.


There are options to Include Audit Period, Close Year, as well as changing the Number of Periods and the Begin Date and End Date. The names of the periods can all be changed, and checking the Closed option by any period closes that period.


Although many organizations keep a 12 period calendar, you can set the Number of Periods as high as 99. Each period must have a description.


Click the Update button to save all changes, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the page was updated, or the Cancel link to return to the main General Ledger page without saving.

Creating A New Year


When you create a new year you are prompted to set up the account structure and accounts. You are presented with the following Copy From options:

Prior Year: This option copies account structure and accounts from the previous fiscal year of the same company.

Another company or fiscal year: This option lets you select which company and fiscal year from which you wish to copy your structure and accounts.

Templates: This option allows you to set up account structure and accounts from a predefined template.

Do not copy. Create manually




When adding a new year, you have the option to copy the account structure and accounts from a template.


The templates are sample chart of accounts that can be modified to fit your organization. The chart of account examples that are available to be used as templates are listed below.


No Funds/Depts (Ex_No_Funds_Departments.pdf)

Depts Only (Ex_Church_Departments_Only.pdf)

Funds & Depts (Ex_Church_Funds_and_Departments.pdf)

Church & School - Depts only (Ex_Church_and_School_Departments_Only.pdf)

Church & School - Funds & Depts (Ex_Church_and_School_Funds_and_Departments.pdf)

HQ Company (Ex_HQ_Company.pdf)



If you click the Cancel link, you have to delete and recreate the year if you want to copy accounts or budgets.

If you copy from the Prior Year you also have the option to Copy Budgets. Once you have made your selections click the Update button to perform the selected operations or the Cancel link to return to the Year Period page.