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Background Check Agent Settings


This Section Includes:

Add New Job

Additional Settings

User Submitted Background Checks


Add New Job

1.          Go to Administration > Agent Management.

2.          Click on the Plus  icon at the bottom right to add a new job.

3.          The basic settings are as follows.

4.          Click on Save when you have entered your settings.

NOTE: We recommend having the agent run several times per day Monday through Friday between 7 AM to 7 PM. Protect My Ministry only processes responses during these times.

Additional Settings


Optional Make Approval of checks Required

1.          Go to Administration > Pages.

2.          Navigate to Home > Membership > New Background Check.

3.          Click on Main Content > Background Check Detail.

4.          Update the settings as needed – Settings in Bold require a setting

a.          Consent Form Required: Who needs to record that a consent form is on file for the background check.

b.          Enable Field Level Security: The fields a person can see on the background check will match what they can see when they open a person’s record.

c.          Optional: Background Check Attribute: Link to a Person Attribute of the date type to track when a check was submitted.

d.          Optional: Consent Report: If you choose to enable user submitted background checks, this allows you to print the consent forms submitted by the subject

User Submitted Background Checks:


You will need to add a setting that points to the online page where a person submits the background check. (You will need to have a version of the Members site active.)
If you need any assistance, please contact support and we can help

1.          Start with the public URL for your church. or

2.          Go to Administration > Pages.

3.          Navigate to Members Responsive > Homepage > Serving > User Submitted Background Check.

4.          Get the page from your URL, page 5464 in this example:

5.          Go to Administration > Organization. (If you only see a list of Organization Names you will click on Your Organization’s Name).

6.          Find the BackgroundCheckBaseDetailUrl Setting and add the page in the following format: