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Background Checks (Optional)


Arena offers the ability to manage background screenings directly in Arena. Once you establish an account with one of the integrated background check processing companies, your organization can request, approve and maintain background checks for all records. Arena integrates with Protect My Ministry. Your organization can use one or the other. We recommend establishing policies and procedures for processing staff and volunteer background checks. Your insurance provider, HR professional or legal counsel can also advise you.


Populate the name, social security number, date of birth and address.

Provide a simple process to run a background check.

Alternatively, you can have the subject fill out the form and submit it online.

Provide levels of authorization so that approval can be required prior to processing a background check and for reviewers of the background check report.

Maintain the status of the background check.

Download the screening results and store it securely on your system, if desired.

Allow designated staff to review the results and select “Pass” or “Fail” for the candidate.


Configuring Background Checks:

Protect My Ministry

System Emails


Requesting and Reviewing Background Checks:

Membership > New Background Check

Membership > Background Check