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Background Check


Review and manage submitted background checks.

From the Membership menu, click the Background Checks option to research the status of a background check.

This Section Includes:

Review Background Checks


Background Check Information

Process Background Check Requests

Resubmit a Background Check

Approve/Reject Background Checks

Page Update


Review Background Checks


Apply the filters to view the desired background check results.

1.          Select the desired Status: You can filter a single or multiple background check status.

Rejected: This status applies to rejected background check requests.

Requested: This status applies to background check requests that need approval or rejection.

Processing: This status applies to background checks the provider is processing.

Received: This status applies to background checks that have a report ready to review.

Completed: This status applies to completed background checks.

UserSubmitted: This includes those background sent to and submitted by applicants. 

2.          Approved: You can filter by approved (Yes) or not approved (No) background checks.

3.          Requested By: You can filter by the background check requester.

4.          Requested On: You can filter by the background check applicant.

5.          Date Created From: Enter the first date in the date range of background checks you are searching for.

6.          Date Created To: Enter the last date in the date range of background checks you are searching for.

7.          Click Apply Filter to continue.

Background Check Information

1.          Click a persons name to view the Background Check Information.

2.          Click the Save button.

NOTE: The results are also available on the Person Detail page of the individual, which displays a background check status, the type of background check, the date of the background check and a name link of the requester.  The Result could also indicate Failed.

Processing: This status means that the background check has been submitted.

Received: This status means that the search has been reviewed and the results returned.

Passed: This status means the individual has passed the background check process. This status is only available on the Person Detail page.

Completed: This status means that the background check has been passed and only displays on the Background Checks results page.



Process Background Check Requests

If your organization has security permissions set so that all background check requests require approval prior to processing, the person responsible for approving must either approve or reject the request. Once the background check request is approved, Arena emails the requester with an update to the person’s request.

1.          From the Membership menu, click the Background Checks option.

2.          Select Status filter "Requested".

3.          Click Apply.

4.          Click the Name link for whom a background check is requested to open and review the request.

5.          Approve, Reject or Edit as needed. Users with approval permissions can edit all fields.

6.          Once the request is approved, Arena sends the background check request to the provider to be processed.


Resubmit a Background Check

You can also "Resubmit" a background check. This is done when an existing background check has passed X months (default is 24 months) on the "module setting on the Background Check List page". At which point, a check box will appear next to the Requested On name. User can check the box(es).

1.          Click Resubmit Request. It will automatically send a new request to PMM/SSF to process without having to reenter any information.

2.          Click OK to resubmit this background check.

3.          Click OK on the resubmit Results screen.


Approve/Reject Background Checks

1.          To view the Background Check report, click the Requested On link. The status must be “Received.”

2.          Click the External Results link to view the report. This is a link to the report located on the provider’s secured servers. Once the report displays, you can also save it on a local location.

3.          View the Report.

4.          Select “Pass” or “Fail” for the Result.

5.          Once you select “Pass” or “Fail”, the below page displays, the status changes to “Completed”, the record updates with the Result of Passed or Failed, and an email is sent to the requestor with an update to this request.


Page Update

The Background Check has been Updates.


Background Check View

Person Detail Page View