Arena tracks all aspects of Prayer Requests with an approval process for each step, including prayer requests entered from your website, responses to the original requestor, and a record of answers and comments. Due to the sensitive nature of a prayer request, and the nature of the communication between the organization, family and requestor, we have integrated an approval process for any information associated with the request. We understand each organization has its own process for handling prayer requests, including assigning specific personnel to handle certain tasks. In the following example, we assume different people are involved at each step.

Customization Options

Customize the Prayer Category and Prayer Source Lookups.

Set security for users who can approve prayers requests, approve answers, approve comments and view private prayer requests.

Customize the Prayer Request Days Active and Prayer Request Renewals Organization Settings.

Start the Process Prayer Requests agent and be sure to add the Prayer Page URL to this agent.

Start the Process Prayer Requests agent.

Customize the Prayer Request Comments, Prayer Request Expire No Renewal, Prayer Request Expire and Renewal System Emails.

Customize the Prayer Request Days Active and Prayer Request Renewals Organization Settings.

Customize the Prayer Category Lookup.

Using all the available options for Arena Prayer Request feature might follow the process below:

Person submits prayer request on the Arena-managed website or a staff member enters the prayer request on the Add Prayer page. Using the Arena-managed website option, Arena can send an email to the specified email address when new entries are made. 

Prayer request is reviewed and approved on the Approve Requests page.

Approved prayer requests would be available on the Prayer Ministry Toolbox on your Arena-managed website. Your Arena Administrator can limit prayer categories to display, including those marked as private. 

The prayer team and/or staff can view and pray over the approved prayer requests on the Prayer Ministry Toolbox page on the Arena-managed website or the All Prayer Requests page. If permissions allow, the prayer team members can also enter comments as they pray. Arena tracks the viewing of prayers as well as entered comments.

Staff with applicable permissions can view and approve comments on the Approve Comments page. Arena sends the approved comments, via email, to the requestor.

If renewing is permitted, after X days the prayer requestor can receive an email notification to renew the prayer request. If renewing is allowed, the prayer requestor receives an email notification prior to expiration. The prayer requestor can renew the prayer request. If renewing is not permitted, the prayer requestor receives email notification of the expired prayer and be able to enter a prayer answer.

Answers can be reviewed and approved on the Approve Responses page. If prayer request still active, answer shows online in Prayer Toolbox.

This Section Includes:

Add Prayer Request

Approve Requests

Approve Answers

Approve Comments

All Prayer Requests