Connecting with Members During Quarantine, Online Prayer Requests, New Features, MPower Update & more!

The saying, “the more things change, the more things stay the same” may never ring truer than it does today. While many of us have experienced change in the way we give, worship and communicate, the mission of the Church remains the same; helping those with physical, psychological, and spiritual needs; providing answers and sharing the Good News; praying for God’s grace and comfort for the world around us. The calling has not changed. As James 1:2 says, “Count it all joy when you meet trials of various kinds…” What an opportunity!!! 


In addition to the information that has already been shared through 'Helping Churches Through During this Time of Online Ministry', our desire is that the topics discussed in this edition of ShelbyNews help you fulfill your mission in this ever-changing landscape.  


In this month's newsletter we’ll cover: 

  • Connecting with Members During Quarantine
  • Online Prayer Requests
  • Equip Donors to Help those Affected by COVID-19
  • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Tracking Time Off Obligations
  • Benefits of Cloud-based Solutions
  • Online Training Options when Working Remote
  • 6 New Features in ShelbyNext Financials 9.7
  • The State of Shelby Systems Q2 2020 Webinar Recording
  • MPower 2020 Update 

We are here to serve you as you serve in your ministry. Have a blessed day and enjoy the newsletter! 

Steve Pruitt 
General Manager, Shelby Systems 

Connecting with Members During Quarantine

ShelbyNext Membership includes several features to help you connect with your church community during this pandemic.

While we may be physically confined to the four walls of our homes, our ability to minister can extend way beyond. Here are some ways you might use ShelbyNext Membership Interactions, Workflows and Forms to continue to care for your church body.

Online Prayer Requests

Prayer is needed more than ever during these trying times. With traditional church services being canceled, how are you managing prayer requests?


Arena has a built-in prayer module to track all aspects of Prayer Requests with an approval process for each step.

ShelbyNext Websites also provide options for online prayer request. These options vary based on the website platform.

Equip Donors to Help Those Affected by COVID-19

How is your church connecting those who need help because of the Coronavirus outbreak with those who want to help? Some members of your community stand in need of immediate relief, while others have not felt the economic impact as much.


As the Church, we can offer the opportunity to support those who are suffering right awaybefore stimulus checks arrive and after. You can use your online giving platform to quickly create a relief fund and encourage those who are able to give in support of those who need it most.


Get started by watching a quick tutorial video and using an email template so you can share this compassionate opportunity (including the idea of donating surplus from stimulus checks) with your church or organization. It's easy to copy and paste, then add your church's specific details, and equip people to make a difference. It's this simple:

  1. Create a fund
  2. Tell your givers

Watch this Video


Download Email Template

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act:
Tracking Time Off Obligations


The FFCRA rules went into effect on April 1, 2020. Setting up Shelby Financials Payroll to track time off hours subject to the act's provisions is easier than understanding all of the act's provisions.


See the Department of Labor's site for additional information

See this IRS posting for employer reimbursements


Approach: Add a new Compensation type named, FFCRA.

Then add distribution types as needed. Examples:

1. FFCRA Paid Sick Leave Regular Pay Rate

2. FFCRA Paid Sick Leave 2/3 Regular Pay Rate

3. FFCRA Paid Expanded Family & Medical Leave


Use Payrolls' Employee Earnings report to see total compensation for each FFCRA distribution type used.

Benefits of Cloud-based Solutions
Covid-19 and Beyond...

For some of you that may still be using our v5 legacy platform, a reminder that we have extended the End of Maintenance on this product through December 31, 2020.


For those on v5, you are probably keenly aware of the limitations during this global crisis with access to your essential software platforms due to it being accessible only by remote services or not accessible at all since you are away from your church office.


Please know we are here to assist with ways to transition you over to our cloud-based software. Especially considering the recent global events, it is even more apparent how beneficial cloud-based software can be. Shelby has an integrated suite of cloud-based software called ShelbyNext to provide you an eco-system of beneficial products to manage your church and continue your mission efficiently and effectively. Everything from online and text giving, church financial software, church member management, text and voice communication, websites, mobile app and so much more.


Contact Shelby Sales at for details and offers we have available to get started today!

Online Options for Training During the Quarantine


While your team is scattered to safe places, it is still possible to be trained on Shelby products. Here are a few options for online education during the pandemic.


  • Live Online Training - ($160/hour) Do a live video streaming connection with one of our highly skilled consultants who can work with team members in several locations all in one session, if needed.

         ShelbyNEXT Live Online Training


  • MPower University - ($50 per course, or bundle % save $$) Online courses broken into chapters with video lessons, handouts, and quizzes for a learn at your own pace approach. Currently offering courses on Financials. Membership courses expected by the Fall.

         MPower University


Contact us at or give Rhonda Putt, our training coordinator, a call at 800-654-1605.

6 New Features in ShelbyNext Financials 9.7 Release

1. Smart Alerts will keep you up to date on programming changes, new features, special alerts, and notifications from the ShelbyNext Financial team

2. New MinistryID login provides single sign-on across many Ministry Brands products

3. Create an ACH Invoice in Accounts Receivable without creating a new invoice or payment

4. Remittance now has a new export which will update values in an external spreadsheet

5. New General Ledger Exports from 3 top used monthly reports

6. MICR Plus, which prints checks on blank check stock, now includes Royal Bank format for Canadian customers


More information available at

The State of Shelby Q2 Webinar Recording

Did you catch our State of Shelby Q2 webinar presented on April 9, 2020?


Thank you to everyone who attended the all-customer State of Shelby Systems Q2 webinar, where we shared what's new at Shelby Systems, what we are working on now, and where we are headed next.


In case you missed it, you can still watch the recording by clicking below!


Helpful Links from the Webinar

MPower 2020 Update

Due to the recent events related to the Coronavirus, MPower20 has been tentatively re-scheduled for October 13-14. Given the uncertainties in the days ahead, MPower20 will be a virtual event for this year. Be on the lookout for more information.