Take Your VBS Online Webinar, Worship Planning Announcement, Accept Online Payments Next School Year & more!

We hope that you enjoy reading our newsletter each month as we keep you "in the know" regarding our platforms and services. In addition to a couple of big announcements, June's edition includes some tips that we hope help as you re-open your church and reconnect with your congregation. 


In this month's newsletter we’ll cover: 

  • Worship Planning Announcement
  • Two Big MinistryOne Announcements
  • Software Tips for Re-Opening Your Church
  • Take your VBS Online Webinar
  • Maintaining Giving Throughout the Year
  • Background Checks are Still Important
  • Accept Online Payments Next School Year
  • Hosted Services Status Page
  • ShelbyNews Archives
  • MPower20

We are here to serve you as you serve in your ministry. Have a blessed day and enjoy the newsletter! 

Steve Pruitt 
General Manager, Shelby Systems 

Worship Planning Announcement

Psst...Want to know a secret?

Soon, we'll be introducing a cloud-based planner that integrates with your church management software. You'll get to enjoy features like volunteer scheduling, automatic text and email confirmations, worship flow editor, a song organizer, and so much more. To stay updated as we roll out this new platform, click below.

Two Big MinistryOne Announcements

MinistryOne Church App is Now FREE!!!


The powerful church app, MinistryOne, is now included with your giving account at no additional cost. If you were paying for MinistryOne, effective 5/1/2020, we started waiving that fee. If you're using the giving-only version of MinistryOne as your ShelbyNext Giving App, you can now activate the full-featured version for free.


MinistryOne Church App Now includes a Member Directory


By extending MinistryOne's integration with ShelbyNext Membership, connecting your congregation with a church directory is easier than ever. Watch the below 'Membership Directory Setup' video to see what it looks like and how it works.


4 Steps to Set Up Your Church App with MinistryOne


MinistryOne Training Webinar


Membershp Directory Setup

Software Tips for Re-Opening Your Church

Use the newly added Last Contribution Date in the Advanced Search along with Last Attended Date to identify those who may need to be reconnected as you begin to move back to having in person worship services.


Use Forms to help register members for limited size services with running tallies right in the Form. Connect these to Groups in your ShelbyNext Membership to keep track of who committed to come, then you Check-in to track who actually came as an additional layer of security.

Reopening Church: Touchless Tech for a Safer Reopening - Webinar

Take Your VBS Online Webinar

Plan and host a fun and engaging virtual Bible learning experience!

Maintaining Giving Throughout the Year

A Solution for Disruption


Disruption…boy, have we all felt that this year! Our churches are used to some attendance and giving fluctuation seasonally, but this has been like nothing this generation of church leaders has seen. Many of our churches were thrust into a digital space, ready or not. This digital space is probably not temporary, either.  More messages of hope and truth are available than ever before and in more formats. Not only did delivery of the message change, but the way churches receive has changed.

Click below to read the full article!

Background Checks are still Important


New Ways of doing ministry come with new risks. 

An online world can create blind spots you’re not used to looking for, and left unattended, could result in tragedy striking your ministry in ways you didn’t realize. 

Protect My Ministry (PMM) is a partner of Shelby Systems and the leading background scanner in the industry. 

PMM recently participated in an Easter webinar series with Ministry Brands where some of these new risks were discussed, as well as some actionable steps you can take to help protect your ministry. 
We highly urge you to check it out. Click
HERE to view the webinar.   

For your convenience, we have also included links to some of the resources that were mentioned in the webinar. 

NBC 6 Article: Rise in Online Predators 

New York Times Article:Video Games and Online Chats Are ‘Hunting Grounds’ for Sexual Predators 

Protect Young Minds Article:7 Ways Predators and Porn will Target Kids in 2019 – Be Prepared Not Scared! 


How to integrate Protect My Ministry with your CHMS 


Click your CHMS to see how it integrates with PMM. 



Note:  Arena includes a ‘Resubmit’ option that saves time and makes it possible to submit a background check request without having to re-enter information.  


ShelbyNext Membership

Accept Online Payments Next School Year

It is easy to start using ShelbyNext Giving to accept online payments. Accounts Receivable already has a portal built and ready for you to activate. As soon as you create an invoice, it appears in the Portal. Your parents, or whoever pays the bills, then simply log into your existing website, see their current charges, and enter the amounts they want to pay.


Those payments automatically appear under Manage > Payment Processing ready for you to post to General Ledger.


And, you have made it easy for the parents of your students to keep track of all fees and purchases. This approach also saves having to send statements, except for those who might be a bit slow paying.

Hosted Services Status Page

Alerts and service status updates for our hosted solutions are made available through our Hosted Services Status page.


You can access our Hosted Services State page via the Shelby Community top navigation.

Or the direct URL, http://status.shelbysystems.com/


Once on the status page, please remember to subscribe to receive notifications.

ShelbyNews Archives

Previous newsletters can now be accessed in the Shelby Community.

MPower 2020 Update

Due to the recent events related to the Coronavirus, MPower20 has been re-scheduled for October 13-14. Given the uncertainties in the days ahead, MPower20 will be a virtual event for this year. Be on the lookout for more information.


Visit: mpowerconference.com

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