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The Users page allows you to setup and modify users. Users can have both Task Roles and Account Rights Roles assigned to them.


This Help page contains the following sections:


Users Grid

Users > Update




Filters allow you to reduce the number of entries that appear on the grid. Select from the following fields to filter your grid.

Name: Enter a partial or full Last Name or a First Name preceded by a comma. For example, you can search for James Anderson using any of the following: "Anderson", "And", ",James", "Anderson, James", "A,J", etc.

Status: Select to show all users or just active or inactive users.

Click the  button to display the results.

Click the Clear Filters link to reset all the filters.



Users Grid

Users are listed in a grid below the  link. The Status, Full Name, and Sign In Name appear on the grid.

Click the Add New User link to add a new user. The Users > Update page appears which allows you to add a new user with the corresponding Task and Account rights. (See the Users > Update section for more information.)

Click the Edit  icon to make changes to a User.

Click the Delete  icon to remove the user from the system. The Delete icon does not appear next to a user if the user is currently logged in or if the user is assigned as an Admin. Also, a user cannot be deleted if the user has updated anything (such as a journal entry) because the user is then "tied" to the historical data. In these cases, you could rename the user if you wish.



Users > Update

The Users > Update page allows you to enter or edit all of the information pertaining to a user. There are fields for name and login information, and tabs to assign task roles and account rights roles.


Name Information

Type: Select whether this is an Organization or an Individual.

Organization: (Required) Enter the Organization name (up to 50 characters long).

Title: Select a Title from the drop-down list. Titles can be added or edited on the Utilities > Lookups page.

First Name: (Required) Enter the first name of the user (up to 50 characters long).

Middle Name: Enter the middle name of the user (up to 50 characters long).

Last Name: (Required) Enter the last name of the user (up to 50 characters long).

Suffix: Select a Suffix from the drop-down list. Suffixes can be added or edited on the Utilities > Lookups page.


Login Information

Login ID: Enter a Login ID. This is the login the user types to access the Financials. Usually some form of the users name or an email address. (e.g. LizBaker, LizB,

Set Password: Select this check box if you want to manually set the password for this user. After checking this box, the Password and Confirm Password fields appear. If you do not fill these fields in, the user is assigned a blank password. When creating a user with a blank password, it is a best practice to also check the Force password reset on login.

Force password reset on login?: If you check this box, then the user is forced to specify a new password the next time the user logs in.

Locked?: Select this option to lock out a user from being able to log in. Uncheck this option if you want to unlock the user's accounts after the user has reached the limit of unsuccessful login attempts. (See the Security Lock Account section for information on setting the number of times a user can attempt to login before being locked out.)

Active?: Select this check box if the user is active. If a user is not marked as active, that user will not able to log in. (Users that are marked active count towards your number of licensed users.)

Admin?: Select this option to give the user access to every page and feature in the Financials. When a user is marked as an Admin, the Task roles assigned to a user are ignored but the Account Rights roles are enforced. (Only users with Admin rights can see this option when editing users.)

External Access Only?: Select this option if you want the user to only have rights to the Financials portal. The Portal lets users view and pay Accounts Receivable invoices, create Purchasing Management requests, View Payroll earnings information, and request time off. External users must also have a Task Role assigned that gives them rights to the Portal areas. (Users that are marked as "External Access Only?" do not count towards your monthly billing for the number of licensed users.)



Task Role(s)

Click and drag the appropriate Task Roles from the Available Task Roles box to the Assigned Task Roles box for this user.



Account Rights Role(s)

Click and drag the appropriate Account Rights Roles from the Available Account Rights Roles box to the Assigned Account Rights Roles box for this user.




Click the  or  button to save any information that has been added or edited.

Click the Reset link to reset the page back to how it was before any changes were made to it.

Click the Cancel link to leave the page without saving any changes and return to the previous page you were on.


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