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Company Preferences

The Company Preferences page allows you to modify various information related for the company.

This Section Includes:

Naming Conventions

Total Levels

Pledge Percents

Cross Check

Online Payments


Naming Conventions


The Naming Conventions tab has several fields that can be renamed to fit your organization's preferences. These fields include:

Alternate ID Name: (e.g., GCFA, Church#, etc.)

Conference Number Name: (e.g., CCID)

Area Name: (e.g., Area)

Region Name: (e.g., Region)

District Name: (e.g., District)

Apportionment Name - Type the new description for the Apportionment field if desired (e.g., Apportionment, Commitment, Financial Covenant, Pledge, and so forth).

NOTE: If you leave Area, Region, and/or District empty, those fields will not be usable in the application.


Total Levels


Type the Total Level 1-99. The Total Levels are used to group and subtotal various types of activities when printing reports (e.g., Conference Apportionments, World Service & Conference, Missions, and so forth).

NOTE: Activities having Total Level 1 will automatically print in columns across the page when the Status Report for Apportionments is run. Make sure that you only put Total Level 1 on the activities to be included on the Apportionments report.


Pledge Percents


The Pledge Percents tab allows you to specify a Start Date and then select the Activity and Percent associated with activity.  The allocations should add up to 100% under the Percent column when done.

NOTE: Pledge % is used with the “Annual Pledge Only” Excel interface file when importing pledges. With this format, a single total pledge amount is entered for each church in Excel. When the file is imported, the total pledge is split across all the activities based on the percentages entered.

See Utilities > Import Pledge for more information

See Manage > Pledges to manually enter pledges.

Use the  icon to Add New Line(s) if needed.


Cross Check


The Remittance application has the ability to scan checks. First and most important, the Ranger software that came with your Cross Check scanner needs to be installed. After installing the Ranger software and attaching your scanner, you can then proceed to the setup information below.

Use Cross Check?: Select this option if you would like to use a Cross Check scanner to scan checks.

The next step is to install the Scanner Client executable which allows your Cross Check scanner to interface with your Financial applications. To install the Scanner Client executable, hover over the Information  icon next to the Scan CrossCheck button and then click the click here link to download the executable. Refer to the Installing and configuring the Scanner Client executable section for more information.

After your Cross Check Ranger software is installed, the Cross Check unit is attached to your computer, and the Scanner Client executable is installed and configured, you are ready to scan checks. Load checks in your Cross Check scanner and then click the Scan CrossCheck button to pull a check through your scanner. The image of the check displays and the fields below the Scan CrossCheck button are filled accordingly. At this point, your system is configured to use the Cross Check scanner.


Online Payments


See Utilities > Payment Providers for more information.

Bank Account

Credit Card Gateway

ACH Gateway


Click the  button to save any information that has been added or changed.

Click the Reset link to reset the page back to how it was before any changes were made to it.

Click the Cancel link to leave the page without saving any changes and return to the previous page you were on.