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Vendor Information






Modify Vendor Information allows you to set up and edit information on your vendors.


This Help page contains the following sections:


Vendor Information Grid




You have access to the following Filters:


In the Name field enter your search in the "lastname, firstname" format. You can search for just a first name by starting your search with a comma (e.g., ", James"). The following additional filters are available:





Postal Code


Click Search to display results or the Clear Filters link to reset all filters.



Vendor Information Grid

The Vendor Information grid contains the following columns for each vendor:


Vendor Name: Displays the Organization name or the Individual name including the title and suffix.


ACH: Displays a check if the vendor has ACH information on their record.

Email: Hover over the Email  icon to view the email address or click it to begin composing a message in your email client.

Note: Hover over the Note  icon to preview the note.

Setup: Hover over the Information  icon to display user and time information for when the vendor was set up and last updated.


Click the Edit  icon or double-click any vendor in the grid to edit their record. Click the Add New Vendor link to add a new vendor (More Information).


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