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Insurance Billing - Getting Started


Main Summary: Set it up and then post the invoices to Accounts Receivable on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

1.          Go to the Preferences page and setup your Insurance Types and Plan Election names.

2.          Go to the Plan Information page and setup your Insurance Plans for each Insurance Type.

3.          Go to the Employer Information page and setup your Employer records.

4.          Go to the Employee Information page and setup your Employee records. Assign each employee to an Employer and to an Insurance Plan.

Processing Insurance

1.          Go to the Manage -> Post to Accounts Receivable page. Filter using "No" for Post Billings Now filter. View the report and make any corrections, then filter using "Yes" for the Post Billings Now filter. Click the Post to Accounts Receivable button.

2.          Go to Accounts Receivable > Unposted Invoices page. The Insurance billings are listed as invoices. Continue processing the invoices in Accounts Receivable.

3.          On both the Employer Information and Employee Information page, there is an Invoices tab. You can view the invoices that have been posted on this tab.