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Enter Payment allows you to enter Accounts Receivable Payments.

This Section Includes:

Customer Search

Payment Update

Apply To Invoices Tab

Miscellaneous Cash Tab

Attachments Tab

Note Tab


Customer Search


Select the Bill To in the Person Search window. By default the search text for the Name field searches for last names and organizations. To search for first and last names enter your search in the "lastname, firstname" format. You can also search by City and State. Select the customer for which you are creating the transaction and click the Select button. Alternately, click the Close link to return to the previous page without selecting a Bill To.

NOTE: Search for just a first name by starting your search with a comma (e.g., ", James"). Display a complete list of names by searching for just a comma. Results default to Accounts Receivable, select All Applications from the drop-down list to view all names.

Click the Add New Customer button if you want to add a new person instead of selecting an existing one (More Information).


Cross Check


If you are using Cross Check a check is automatically scanned when you enter the Enter Payment page. If that check is not associated with a customer the Person Search window displays. If the check is associated with one customer, their information populates the update page. If there is more than one customer associated with a check the Person Search window displays with all associated names. Double-click the appropriate name or click the name and then Select.


Once a check has been scanned it displays to the right of the Cross Check field. Hover over the check to see the image of the back of the check as well. After you click Update on the payment the check is saved as two .png image files attached to that payment record (one for the front of the check and one for the back).


You can set up Cross Check in Modify Preferences (More Information). If you want to remove an a check association from a customer you can do this from the customer record on the ACH Accounts tab (More Information).


Note: The Scanner.Client executable must be running to use Cross Check to scan checks.


Payment Update


Enter the Check # (if applicable), Payment Date, and Check Amount in the fields provided. The amount populates the Unapplied Cash field until you assign it to invoices on the Apply to Invoices tab or otherwise on the Miscellaneous Cash tab. Click the Add Unapplied Cash button to add existing unapplied cash to the current payment. If you have unapplied cash in more than one revenue center all unapplied cash is added. On the Miscellaneous Cash tab each revenue center has a row showing the unapplied cash. Click the Delete  icon to be prompted to remove any unapplied cash that you do not want to use. You can then allocate the remaining unapplied cash amount on the Apply to Invoices or Miscellaneous Cash tabs.


If the Check Amount is higher than the amounts entered against invoices and/or on the Miscellaneous Cash tab, the remainder goes to Unapplied Cash. When saving the payment you are prompted to select a Revenue Center and Source for any unapplied cash.


There are four tabs on the page: Apply to Invoices, Miscellaneous Cash, Attachments, and Note.

Apply to Invoices Tab

The Apply to Invoices tab displays the Active Filters for Revenue Center and Source above a grid containing invoices with an outstanding balance. The following columns are displayed for each invoice:

Invoice #






Write Off

New Outstanding

Click the Auto Distribute button to automatically apply the Check Amount (or Unapplied Cash) to the invoices. The amount is applied to the oldest invoices first. You only need to use this feature if you are using an Accounts Receivable Type of Open Item. The Balance Forward type does this automatically.

If you want to manually distribute the payment, enter an amount in the Payment field to apply the Check Amount or Unapplied Cash to the invoice(s) you want to pay. You can use the Discount field to discount an invoice and the Write Off field to write off all or part of an invoice. The New Outstanding column displays the updated outstanding balance for each invoice.

Miscellaneous Cash Tab

The Miscellaneous Cash tab is used to enter receipts other than what has been invoiced or charged to a customer. Any amounts entered here are posted to the General Ledger but do not affect the customer's outstanding balance. Click the Add New Line  icon or Add New Line link to add a new detail line. Select the Revenue Center, Account, Description, Project, and Payment. Click the Add New Line  icon to add another line if desired. Click the Delete  icon by any existing detail line to be prompted to delete it.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab allows you to attach files accessible from your device or to scan image files using the Scanner.Client.exe program. See the Attachments Help Page for detailed information regarding the attachments feature.

Note Tab

Enter a note in the field provided if you wish.

When finished click the Apply button to save the payment and start entering a new payment, the Update button to save changes to the payment and return to the Payment Processing page, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the payment was updated, or the Cancel link to return to the Payment Processing page without saving your changes.