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Copy Batch

Use this utility to copy a previously posted batch back to Manage > Unposted Gift where the batch can be re-posted to a new date. 

This Section Includes:


Copy Batch Grid



The options available in the Filters area are:

Batch Date: 

Who Setup:

Click the Search button to display the results or the Clear Filters link to reset all filters.


Copy Batch Grid

The Copy Batch grid displays the batches that match the selected filters with the following columns:

Batch Date:


Actual Amount:


Actual Count:

Who Setup:


1.          Select a batch to copy.

2.          Choose the new Date.

3.          Check the "Copy Check #s?" box to also copy the Check #s.

Click OK to proceed or Cancel to return to the Copy Batch page.

NOTE: The batch is placed back in Manage > Unposted Gifts where the batch can be re-posted to the new date.