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Relationship Types


Relationships allows you to define the relationships between your organization and churches.


This Section Includes:

Relationship Type Grid

Add New Type


Relationship Type Grid

Relationship Types are listed in a grid below the Add New Type link. The Description fields are displayed on the grid.

Click the Edit  icon to make changes to a Relationship.

Click the Delete  icon to remove the Relationship from the system.

Add New Type


Click the Add New Relationship Type link to add a new Relationship Type.

Enter a Name for the Relationship Type (e.g., Pastor, Treasurer, etc.).

(Optional) Choose an Inverse Relationship from the drop-down list.

oIf you leave this empty (default), it will only assign the relationship to the donor.

oIf you choose an Inverse Relationship, it will assign the relationship to the donor and it will also assign the inverse relationship to the other record.

Click the Apply button to save your entry and continue adding new types or click the OK button to save your entry and return to the grid.

Click the Cancel link to return to the grid without saving.