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Pension Plan Information

This page allows you to setup the details for your pension plans.

This Section Includes:

Pension Plan Grid

Add New/Edit Pension Plan


Pension Plan Grid


Pension Plans are listed in a grid below the  icon-link. The Plan Type, Plan Percent, Plan Limit, Divide Annually By, and AR Item fields are displayed on the grid.

Click the  Add New Plan icon-link to add a new Pension Plan.

Click the Edit  icon to make changes to a Pension Plan.

Click the Delete  icon to remove the Pension Plan from the system. (The Delete icon does not appear next to a Pension Plan after it has been assigned to an Appointee on the Appointee Information page\Appointments tab.)

Add New/Edit Pension Plan


The following fields appear on either the Add New Plan or Edit Plan window.

Type: Enter a description or name for the pension plan.

Plan Percent: Enter the percentage to be used for calculating the pension billing amount.

Plan Limit: The maximum amount on which the plan percentage can be calculated. For example, if the limit is $50,000 and an appointee makes $60,000 a year, the calculation would be based on $50,000.

Is Billed: Select a frequency from the drop-down list.

Revenue Center: This is the Revenue Center in Accounts Receivable from which you want to select an Item.

Item: This is the item that will be used for creating the invoice in AR when posting invoices to Accounts Receivable.

Click the  button or the  button to save your entry and return to the grid.

Click the  button to save your entry and continue adding new pension plans.

Click the Cancel link to return to the Pension Plan grid without saving any changes.