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Organization Information

The Organization Information page allows you to filter and modify Organizations.

This Section Includes:


Organization Information Grid



Filters allow you to reduce the number of entries that appear on the grid. Select from the following fields to filter your grid.

Name: Type the first part of an organization name or enter a partial name with asterisks. (For example, you could search for Goodlett Farms Christian Church by entering "Goodlett", "Goodlett Farms", "*Farms*", "*Christian Church".)

City: Enter a partial or whole name of a city.

State: Select the State from the drop-down list using your mouse or type the first letter of the state. (You can continue to press the first letter of the state to scroll through the states that start with that letter.)

District: Select a District from the drop-down list. (This filters on the District that is assigned to the Charge that is assigned to the Organization.)

Charge: Select a Charge from the drop-down list.

Click the  button to display the results.

Click the Clear Filters link to reset all the filters.

Organization Information Grid


Organizations are listed in a grid below the  link. The name of the Organization, Charge, City/State, Membership, Handicap Accessible, Lead, and Note fields are displayed on the grid.

Click the Add New Organization link to add a new Organization. The Person Search window appears. It is best to search All Applications to avoid adding a duplicate record that may already be in the system.

Click the Edit  icon to make changes to an Organization.

Click the Delete  icon to remove the Organization from the system.