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Post to Accounts Receivable

The Post to Accounts Receivable page is where you view, select, and post your pensions to Accounts Receivable.

This Section Includes:

Options and Grid

Post Pensions


Options and Grid


The Options and Grid allow you to select the invoice date, filter appointees, view appointees, and select the appointees before posting the pensions.

Invoice Date: Select a date. This is the date that is assigned to the invoice(s) when the pensions are posted. It is not a filter.


The following fields are filters and allow you to reduce the number of entries that appear on the grid. The filters are optional and automatically refresh the grid after you select one.

Is Billed Per Year: Select one or more frequencies from the drop-down list.

Revenue Center: Select a Revenue Center from the drop-down list.

Pension Plan Type: Select one or more types from the drop-down list.


The filtered appointees are listed on the grid.

Click the Expand  icon to view the plans listed under an appointee.

Click the Collapse  icon to hide the plans listed under and appointee.

Select an appointee by clicking the check box next to an appointee on the grid.

Select all appointees by clicking the check box in the upper left-hand side of the grid. (If all appointees are selected, click this box to deselect all appointees.)


Click the  button to run the Post Pension process. This process creates invoices in Accounts Receivable using the selected Appointees and Pension Plans.

Click the Reset link to reset all the filters.+

Click the Cancel link to leave the report and return to the Pension Billing Dashboard.

Post Pensions


The Post Pensions process creates invoices in Accounts Receivable for further processing. Before posting your pensions review the selected appointees on the grid. Only the selected appointees are processed.

There is a Post to Accounts Receivable window that appears after clicking the Post Pensions button. This windows displays a summarized amount total for all the pensions selected and the number of appointees. An example is displayed below.

Click the Continue button to post the invoices to Accounts Receivable.

Click the Close link to return to the Post to Accounts Receivable page.