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Enter Pledge

Use this process to enter pledges made by individuals or organizations. Pledges can be made to as many Purposes as needed. The same individual or organization can even make multiple pledges to the same Purpose. 


This Section Includes:

Person Search

Pledge Update

Pledge Tab

ACH Information Tab

Attachments Tab

Note Tab



Person Search


Choose which "Application" to filter your search by, All Applications, Accounts Payable, Gifts, or Payroll. Select the Name in the Person Search window. By default the search text for the Name field searches for last names and organizations. To search for first and last names enter your search in the "lastname, firstname" format. You can also search by City and State. Select the donor, and click the Select button. Alternately, click the Close link to return to the previous page without selecting anyone.

NOTE: Search for just a first name by starting your search with a comma (e.g., ", James"). Display a complete list of names by searching for just a comma.

Pledges Update


1.          Enter the Envelope #. You can only enter the Envelope # if you do that instead of selecting the donor. Once the donor is selected, this field is informational only and cannot be changed here.

2.          Check the Active? box if the pledge is active. Removing the check mark makes the pledge inactive and it does not display during the Gift Processing process. 

Complete the information on Pledge, ACH Information, Attachments, and Note tabs as appropriate.

Pledge Tab

The Pledge tab allows you to specify the details about the pledge.

1.          Choose the Purpose for the pledge. Either start typing the name of the purpose, and then choose from the pick list or type an "*" to list all purposes.

2.          Choose the Motivation for the gift. Either start typing the name of the motivation, and then choose from the pick list or type an "*" to list all motivations. Leave blank if the pledge applies to multiple Motivations.

3.          Enter or choose the Begin Date. This field is required by the system and is used with the End Date to figure the Duration.

4.          Enter or choose the End Date.

5.          Choose the Pledge Frequency. Frequency is another way of stating “how often” a donor will be contributing towards fulfilling a pledge amount.

6.          Duration (e.g., 24 would indicate 2 years if the frequency is monthly). This field is figured by the system based on the Begin Date, End Date and Pledge Frequency entered above.

7.          Enter the Periodic Amount (e.g., 208.33). If entered, the Pledge amount will automatically be calculated based on the frequency and duration.

8.          Enter the Total Pledge amount (e.g., 5000.00). If entered, the Periodic Amount will automatically be calculated based on the frequency and duration.

9.          Choose the Project if gifts to this pledge should always have a Project associated with the record in General Ledger.

10.          Enter the Sub-Donor if applicable or click  to search for a name. You may delete a name in this field by clicking the  icon. Adding a sub-donor to the pledge will cause that sub-donor to auto-populate in the Distribution section of Gift Entry.

ACH Information Tab

The ACH Information tab is used to enter information on individuals that have chosen to participate in direct deposit of their gifts.

NOTE: Although ACH can be set up on pledges, this feature will be made available in a future release.

1.          Choose Account(s) assigned, "not used" or "add new account".

2.          Select the Account Type, "Checking" or "Savings".

3.          Type Bank Routing #. This is the transit/routing number of the receiving financial institution at which the individual's account resides. This number is usually the first nine digits on the giver’s checks.

4.          Type Bank Account # of the receiving financial institution. This is the checking or savings account number.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab allows you to attach files accessible from your device or to scan image files using the Scanner.Client.exe program. See the Attachments Help Page for detailed information regarding the attachments feature.

Note Tab

Enter a note in the field provided if you wish.


When finished click the Apply button to save changes to your transaction and start entering another, the Update button to save any information that has been added or changed, the Reset resets the page back to how it was before any changes were made to it, or the Cancel link to to leave the page without saving any changes and return to the previous page you were on.