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Manual Journal

Enter Manual Journal allows you to enter manual journal entries. There are three tabs: Details, Attachments, and Note.

This Section Includes:

Details Tab

Attachments Tab

Note Tab


Select the Date, Period, Journal Type, and Description. You can then select the option to Send Entry to Bank Account Management if you would like this entry sent to Bank Account Management when it is posted.

Create Reversing Journal in the Next Period?

If you select this option, the program creates a reversing journal entry for the next period after you click the Apply or Update button. The reversing journal entry contains all the detail of the original entry except the debit and credit amounts are reversed.

The Period specified on the original entry is incremented by one on the reversing entry. The Date of the reversing entry is incremented by one month and assigned to the first day of the month. (For example, if you entered a journal for the period of March, with a date of 3/23/17 then the reversing entry has a period of April with a journal date of 4/1/17.)

Details Tab

The Details tab is where you put the journal entry detail. Select the Date and then enter in your level information according to your account structure. Enter the Account # and a Description for the line. You can also select a Project.

NOTE: Click the icon or press "s" in any field with the Search  icon to display a Search window. Use the filter at the top to narrow down your selection. In the Account Search window you can also specify the Account Type in a drop-down list. You can then double-click the item you want to select or click the item and click the Select button. Click the Close link to return to the Update page without making a selection.

Enter the Debit or Credit amount. After entering all information for the second detail line you can click the Add New  icon to add another detail line if desired. As many detail lines as needed can be added in this fashion. You can also enter a number between 1-99 on the right and click the Add New Lines  icon to add multiple lines at once (e.g., Add 10 New Lines).


The following reviews Debits and Credits according to double entry accounting standards. The system applies the correct sign based on which column the amount is entered.


Assets or Expenses (normally debit balance accounts)


Account Increase = Debit (+)

Account Decrease = Credit (-)


Liabilities, Capital, or Income (normally credit balance accounts)


Account Increase = Credit (-)

Account Decrease = Debit (+)


Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab allows you to attach files accessible from your device or to scan image files using the Scanner.Client.exe program. See the Attachments Help Page for detailed information regarding the attachments feature.

Note Tab

Enter a note in the field provided if you wish.

When finished click the Apply button to save changes to your manual journal and create another manual journal, the Update button to save changes to your manual journal and return to the Unposted Journals page, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the page was updated, or the Cancel link to return to the Unposted Journals page without saving your changes.


Debits and Credits must balance per fund. If they do not match you receive an error when attempting to Update or Apply.