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Account Amortization

Manage Account Amortization allows you to spread out an expense (or income amount) over multiple periods, as determined by a schedule. A good example is something like an annual insurance premium that was paid in full but you would like to expense over the amount of time covered by the premium.

This Section Includes:


Account Amortization Grid

Amortization Report

Run Amortization




There are several options available in the Filters area:

Description: Enter all or part of the item description. You can also use wildcard characters. An underscore (_) returns any one character and a percent sign (%) returns any string of characters (e.g., searching for '%bank' returns both 'Bank of Bartlett' and 'First Tennessee Bank').

Date: Select the invoice date range from which you want to view Amortization Items. Additional date filters may appear depending on what option you choose.

Active Status: Select All, Active Only, or Inactive Only.

Source Account Filter (includes levels and account range)

NOTE: Click the icon or press "s" in any field with the Search  icon to display a Search window. Use the filter at the top to narrow down your selection. In the Account Search window you can also specify the Account Type in a drop-down list. You can then double-click the item you want to select or click the item and click the Select button. Click the Close link to return to the Update page without making a selection.

Click Search to display results or the Clear Filters link to reset all filters.


Account Amortization Grid


The grid displays Amortization Items matching the selected filters with the following columns:




Per Month




Note: Hover over the Note  icon to preview the note.

Attach: Hover over the Attach  icon to see any notes on the attachment(s) and the filenames of attached files.

Setup: Hover over the Information  icon to display user and time information for when the item was set up and last updated.

Double-click on an item or click the Edit  icon to edit an item in the grid. You can also click the Add New Amortization Item link to add a new item (More Information). To delete an item in the grid click the Delete  icon.


You can only delete Amortization Items for which you have not run Amortization.


Amortization Report


Select the items you want to view and click the Amortization Report button to bring up the Amortization Detail Report (More Information).

Run Amortization


Select the items within the grid on which you are ready to run Amortization. You can also select the top box to select all items in the grid. Click the Run Amortization button to begin the process (More Information).


Amortization is performed based on your currently selected period. Change the currently selected period to run the report on a different period (More Information). Items are always amortized for one month. If you need to Amortize an item for more than one month, you will need to run Amortization on that item for each month for which you want it to be Amortized.


If you attempt to amortize an item for a period for which it has already been amortized, or for a period before its start date, you receive a notification to this effect and the amortization does not run. If the item is among a selection of other items, you are not notified. The selected item(s) does not show on the report and is not amortized again.