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Recurring Journals

Manage Recurring Journals allows you add, edit, and transfer recurring journal entries.

This Section Includes:

Report Preferences

Recurring Journals Grid

Recurring Journal Edit Report

Transfer Journals


Report Preferences


The last time that recurring entries were transferred and which user performed the transfer is displayed. Click Report Preferences on the blue bar above the grid to access these options:

Journal Types: You can select to view only certain types of recurring journals (e.g., PR for payroll, JE for manual entry). Only types represented in the grid are listed.

Active Status: You can select to only view active or inactive recurring journals.

Recurring Type: You can select to only view journals distributed by amount or by percent.

Click the Search button to filter your grid results or the Clear Filters link to reset the filters. 

Recurring Journals Grid


For each recurring journal in the grid, the following columns are displayed:




Active: Displays a check if the recurring journal is active.

Note: Hover over the Note  icon to preview the note.


Setup: Hover over the Information  icon to display user and time information for when the journal was set up and last updated.

Click the Copy icon by any recurring journal in the grid to create a copy of that recurring journal. Double-click an existing journal or click the pencil to Edit. You can also click the Add New Recurring Journal link to add a new recurring journal (More Information). Click the Delete  icon by any recurring journal in the grid to be prompted to delete it.

Recurring Journal Edit Report


The Recurring Journal Edit Report button is available once you select at least one recurring journal in the grid. You can also select the top box to select all manual checks in the grid. Clicking this button displays a preview of the List of Recurring Journals report (More Information).

Transfer Journals


Select the journals you want to transfer within the grid. You can also select the top box to select all recurring journals in the grid. Click the Transfer Recurring Journals button to begin the transfer process (More Information).