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Setup Audit Report

The Setup Audit Report displays the Approval Path, Active, Request, Payment, Requester, Approvers, Min Req, and Intersect.


This Section Includes:





Options allow you to control what information appears on the report. Select from the following fields to filter your report.

Click the Change Appearance? check box and then choose the Font Type, Size, and Percent.

Approval Paths: Choose an Approval Path from the drop-down list if needed.

Page Break?:


For Request?:

For Payment?:

Banded Rows?:


Click the Run Report button to generate a preview of the report.

Click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their default values.

Click the Close Report button to return to the dashboard.

The report displays on the Report Preview page. Refer to the Report Preview help page for more information.