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Approval Paths > Update

Approval Paths - Update allows you to add or edit an Approval Path.

This Section Includes:

Modify Approval Paths

Allowed Users Tab

Approval Path Tab


Modify Approval Paths


Enter the Name of the approval path.

Active: Select this option if the approval path is active.

Use for Request Approval Path: (Only available if "Use Payment Approval Process" is selected in Company Information).   Enables purchase order requests to be submitted for approval for the person or group selected.

Use for Payment Approval Path: (Only available if "Use Payment Approval Process" is selected in Company Information).  Enables purchase orders to be submitted for payment approval for the person or group selected. See Payment Approval Process for more information.

There are two tabs: Allowed Users and Approval Path.

Allowed Users Tab


The Allowed Users tab is where you specify which users are allowed to view or create Requisitions using the Approval Path. Drag users from the List of All Users column to the Assigned User(s) column. We recommend you drag users between the columns rather than using the ">>" and "<<" buttons since those buttons move all users. If the Assigned User(s) column is left blank, all users can view and create Requisitions for the Approval Path.


If a user is set up with the Approval Override permission in Security Setup, they can approve any Requisition for which they are an Allowed User.


Approval Path Tab


Drag users from the Available Users column to the User(s) in Approval Path column to add them to the Approval Path. You can drag users vertically within the User(s) in Approval Path column to change the order of their approval. The top-most user is the first one that must approve the Requisition and therefore has the least authority. If the User(s) in Approval Path column is left blank, users can approve their own Requisitions.

The first thing to do is drag the user that starts the approval path. This is the initial person who must approve the Requisition. Notice that the specified user has Start With in an inactive drop-down list by their name. If you wish you can specify a dollar amount in the provided field. Requisitions that total less than this amount are automatically approved by the specified user.

Continue adding users to the Approval Path as desired. For each subsequent user you can specify Or or Ends with in the drop-down list. When a user is set to Or with another user in the Approval Path, only one of them needs to approve the Requisition for it to move forward in the path. If you have a user set to Ends with and you add another user beneath them, their drop-down list changes to Then. The final user in the Approval Path is set to Ends with unless you only have one person in the path. The Requisition does not become a Purchase Order or Check Request until the final approver has approved it.


In the below example, Diana has to approve every Requisition. Once she has approved it, if the total is less than $20 it is automatically fully approved. If the total is $20 or more, then either David or Matt must approve the Requisition. Once either David or Matt has approved the Requisition, it is sent to Stephen for final approval if the total is $100 or more. If the total is less than $100 then the Requisition is automatically finalized.



Please note that users farther down in the path can 'skip' previous approvers if they want. In our example, Stephen could open the Requisition and override Diana, David, and Matt's approval. 


When finished click the Update button to save your changes and return to the Approval Paths page, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the Approval Path was updated, or the Cancel link to discard all changes and return to the Approval Paths page.