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Unposted Journals

Manage Unposted Journals allows you to create, edit, and save journal entries. Journals are sent to this area from other applications and can be created manually as well.

This Section Includes:


Journal Grid




There are several options available in the in Filters area:

Journal Types: Select which (or all) Journal Types to view.

Journal Number: Selecting any option other than Show All displays field(s) so you can input the number(s).

Date: Select the time frame from which you want to view journals. Additional date filters may appear depending on what option you choose.

Period: Options include Select all and every period represented in unposted journals.

User: Options include Select all and every user who has unposted journals.

Pending: Out of balance entries are marked as pending. There is also Pending? column on the grid to indicate which journals are pending. Pending journals cannot be posted.

Click Search to display results or the Clear Filters link to reset all filters.

Journal Grid


The grid displays journals matching the selected filters with the following columns:








Note: Hover over the Note  icon to preview the note.

Attach: Hover over the Attach  icon to see any notes on the attachment(s) and the filenames of attached files.

Pending?: Any journal with a Check Mark  icon indicates that the journal is out of balance and cannot be posted.

Setup: Hover over the Information  icon to display user and time information for when the journal was set up and last updated.

Double-click on a journal or click the Edit  icon to edit a journal in the grid. You can also click the Add New Journal link to add a new manual journal (More Information). To delete a journal in the grid click the Delete  icon. Import Journals from an Excel file by clicking the Import Journals link (More Information).


You cannot delete journals that originated in other financial applications.


Select the journals you want to view and click the Journal Edit Report button to display the Edit List of Journals (More Information). If you need to change the year on any journals, select them and click the Change Year button. Select the Year from the drop-down list and click the OK button to save the change or the Cancel link to return to the Unposted Journals page without changing the year for selected journals.

Select the journals you wish to post within the grid. You can also select the top box to select all journals in the grid. Click the Post Journals button to begin the posting process (More Information).