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Enter Transactions allows you to enter Bank Account Management transactions. Select the Date and enter a Description for the transaction.

This Section Includes:

Details Tab

Attachments Tab

Note Tab

Enter a Date and Description for the transaction. (The Description entered here is assigned as the journal description when the transaction is posted.)


Details Tab


The Details tab is where you put the transaction detail. For example, you may have a transaction for Service Charges and the details list each individual service charge.

Date: Enter the date, click the Calendar  icon, press the "S" key to search for a date.

Accounts: Enter the Account (including any levels), click the Search  icon, or press the "S" key to search for a date.

Description: Enter a description for each line of the transaction.

Project: Enter the project number, click the Search  icon, or press the "S" key to search for a project.

Deposit: Enter the Deposit amount. (e.g. Contribution deposit, Transfer of funds, etc.)

Charge: Enter the Charge amount. (e.g. Service Charge, Withdrawal, NSF Fee, etc.)

NOTE: This is not like a journal entry where the Debits and Credits must balance. Here, you simply enter an amount as either a Deposit or a Charge. When the transaction is processed to the General Ledger, the selected bank account is used to balance out the difference between the Deposits and Charges so that a balanced journal entry is created. An example Service Charge transaction is displayed below.


The Deposit and Charge fields denote the action being recorded against the bank account selected in Current Financial Settings. For instance, an amount of $100 under Deposit debits the bank account and credits the account entered in the detail line of the transaction.

After entering all information for the detail line you can click the Add New  icon to add another detail line if desired. As many detail lines as needed can be added in this fashion. You can also enter a number between 1-99 on the right and click the Add New Lines  icon to add multiple lines at once (e.g., Add 10 New Lines).

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab allows you to attach files accessible from your device or to scan image files using the Scanner.Client.exe program. See the Attachments Help Page for detailed information regarding the attachments feature.

Note Tab


Enter a note in the field provided if you wish.

When finished click the Apply button to save changes to your transaction and start entering another, the Update button to save changes to your transaction and return to the Unposted Transactions page, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the page was updated, or the Cancel link to return to the Unposted Transactions page without saving your changes.