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Sales Tax Information

Modify Sales Tax Information allows you to define the areas and tax rates in which sales tax must be charged.

This Section Includes:

Sales Tax Grid

Modify Sales Tax Information


Sales Tax Grid


Existing taxes display in the grid with the following columns:





Modify Sales Tax Information


Double-click a tax or click the Edit  icon to edit or click Add New Tax to add a new tax. Enter the State abbreviation, the Locale (if applicable, see below), and the Rate. Click the Delete  icon to be prompted to delete a tax locale from the grid. You can only delete tax locales that have not been used.


The Locale field is available because some areas in a state may charge a different sales tax rate than other areas. In these cases each location must be specified. Leave the Locale field blank if the entire state charges the same sales tax rate.


Click the Apply button to save the sales tax and begin entering a new tax (this option only appears when adding a new tax), the Update (or OK) button  to save your changes to the tax, or the Close link to return to the previous page without saving changes.