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The 1099s report allows you to print miscellaneous, interest, retirement, and/or NEC 1099s for your vendors as well as the 1096 for your company.

You can print on standard preprinted forms or on blank NELCO forms and reprint 1099s as needed. It is recommended that you print an Edit List to verify the information prior to printing the 1099s. Any invoices that are marked incorrectly for 1099s can be corrected via View Transaction Inquiry (More Information).


This Section Includes:







Calendar Year



The Companies option only displays if you have more than one company with the same Federal ID Number.


Report Type:

Edit List - The Edit List allows you to review your 1099 detail before generating the forms themselves. Select if you want to Include Address and then the Report TypeInterestMiscellaneous, Retirement, or NEC. Include Address? – Check this box to include the vendor’s address on the Edit List..

Use E-File Service - This option allows you to process your 1099s online using Nelco’s E-File Service. The service files your Federal and State forms, mails 1099 forms to vendors, and even emails links to vendors so they can access their forms online. The How to use E-file with Financials document is available for more detailed information concerning this E-File process.

Print 1099s - Print the 1099s for Interest, Miscellaneous, Retirement, or NEC.

Create File for Electronic Submission - Creates a file for manual electronic submission. Visit https://fire.irs.gov for more information on filling 1099s electronically.

Use Combined Federal/State Filling Program? – Some states participate in the combined federal/state filing program (see IRS Publication 1220). Checking this box adds additional information to the file for the IRS.






Print Only Vendors Meeting Minimum Dollar Amounts?

Minimum Amounts: Available fields are based on the Type selected. When this option is selected, you may specify the minimum amount a vendor must have been paid in order to be included on the edit list report or 1099s.


Options are available when the Report Type of "Print 1099s" is selected on the Filters tab.

Form Type:

Blank NELCO Forms: This option generates PDFs of NELCO forms for your 1099 and 1096 (if selected).

Preprinted Forms: This option is available for Interest, Miscellaneous, and Retirement but not NEC. This option generates PDFs of data only for preprinted forms.

Copy A must be printed on a red preprinted form. This prints first with just the data. Then the other copies may be printed on blank forms with the form image and data.



Select the Form to Print: : The available options will vary depending on which Type you have selected on the Filters tab and which Form Type you have selected on the Options tab.

NOTE: Shelby Financials only supports the blank Universal format for the Form 1099 NEC.  Please visit Nelco's site for compatible forms.

Select if you want to Print 1096 after 1099s Finish.  Enter the 1096 Contact Info if applicable:

Contact Name




Electronic File Info

Electronic File Info is available when the Report Type of “Create File for Electronic Submission” is selected on the Filters tab. The following fields are required and are included in the manual electronic file:

TCC Code - (five-character alphanumeric Transmitter Control Code assigned by the IRS)

Contact Name

Contact Email Address

Contact Phone Number

Click the Run Report button to display a pop up window opens allowing you to log in or create an account to use E-File. Once logged in, follow the on-screen instructions to select and pay for services, use selected options (such as emailing employees a link to their 1099), and file your 1099s.


Pop-ups must be enabled in your browser for the 1099 forms and the electronic file to download.




Click the Run Report button to generate a preview of the report.

Click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their default values.

Click the Close Report button to return to the dashboard.

The report displays on the Report Preview page. Refer to the Report Preview help page for more information.