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Change Workers Compensation History

The Change Workers Compensation History Utility allows you to edit the Worker's Compensation code assigned to historical payroll data.

This Section Includes:


Workers Compensation History Grid




Select the Employee by clicking the (not set) link or the Search  icon. This displays the Person Search window. By default the search text for the Name field searches for last names and organizations. To search for first and last names enter your search in the "lastname, firstname" format. You can also search by City and State. Select the employee for which you are running the utility and click the Select button. Alternately, click the Close link to return to the previous page without selecting an employee.

NOTE: Search for just a first name by starting your search with a comma (e.g., ", James"). Display a complete list of employees by searching for just a comma.

Select the Worker's Compensation codes to search for and enter the Check Date Range (optional). Click the Refresh button to display your results or the Clear Filters link to reset all filters.

NOTE: The Check Date Range filters default to the current calendar year.

Workers Compensation History Grid


The Change Workers Compensation History grid contains the following columns for each entry:



Check Date


Worker's Compensation

Select the entries you want to change and then make your selection in the Change selected rows to this code drop-down list below the grid. Click the Update button to change the entries to the new Worker's Compensation code or the Cancel link to return to the main Payroll page.