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Earnings Inquiry

View Earnings Inquiry allows you to view historical earnings information for any employee.

This Section Includes:

Person Search


Print Preview


Person Search


Select the Employee by clicking the (not set) link or the Search  icon. This displays the Person Search window. By default the search text for the Name field searches for last names and organizations. To search for first and last names enter your search in the "lastname, firstname" format. You can also search by City and State. Select the employee for which you are inquiring and click the Select button. Alternately, click the Close link to return to the previous page without selecting an employee.

NOTE: Search for just a first name by starting your search with a comma (e.g., ", James"). Display a complete list of employees by searching for just a comma.

For Check Date select the time frame you want to inquire on. Additional date filters may appear depending on what option you choose.

Select Regular or Manual Checks or Voided Checks and click the Search button to display your results or click the Clear Filters link to reset all filters.



Once you click the Search button results appear below. The Summary tab summarizes all compensations, deductions, and taxes for the range specified. Click the Expand  icon by any item to view a list of the checks that comprise that item. For each check the Check Date, Check #, Hours, and Amount display. The Net amount below the grid includes everything except Non-Cash Compensation, which is displayed below the Net amount if applicable.

The Detail tab lists every check within the range specified. For each check the grid displays the Check #, Check Date, Hours, Gross, Deductions, Federal, FICA, Other Taxes, and Net. Click the Expand  icon by any check to view the complete details. You can also click the Reprint  icon by any check to display a window which allows you reprint the voucher.


ACH bank information (e.g., bank account type, routing/account #) that is displayed on the original voucher will not display on the reprinted voucher. Historical ACH bank information is not stored in Payroll history.


The Time Off Hours tab displays all Time Off hours used in the range specified.

Print Preview


Click the Print Preview button on any tab to preview the report for that tab:

Summary Tab: The Employee Earnings Inquiry Summary Report displays a summary of Hours, Compensation, Deductions, Taxes, and Net for each compensation, deduction, and tax.

Detail Tab: The Employee Earnings Inquiry Detail Report displays the Check #, Check Date, Hours, Gross, Deductions, Federal, FICA, Other Taxes, and Net for each check along with Final Totals.

Time Off Hours Tab: The Time Off Hours Summary Report displays the available hours (Avail), used hours (Used), remaining hours (Rem), and maximum hours (Max) for each time off hours type.

You can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print. When finished click the Close Report button to return to the Earnings Inquiry page.

NOTE: To select a different employee click the blue Filters bar and then either Clear Filters, click the name  of the selected employee to display the Person Search window, or click the Delete  icon to reset the Employee to (not set) (and then click that ).