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The Void Checks Utility allows you to void transactions within Accounts Payable.


This Help page contains the following sections:


Check Detail

Void Check Edit Report

Post Voided Checks




Select the Vendor by clicking the (not set) link or the Search  icon. This displays the Person Search window. By default the search text for the Name field searches for last names and organizations. To search for first and last names enter your search in the "lastname, firstname" format. You can also search by City and State. Select the vendor for which you are voiding checks and click the Select button. Alternately, click the Close link to return to the previous page without selecting a vendor.


Note: Search for just a first name by starting your search with a comma (e.g., ", James").  Display a complete list of vendors by searching for just a comma.


Click the Search  icon by the Check # field to display the Check Search window. Double-click on the check you wish to void or select it and click the Select button. You can also click the Close link to return to the Void Checks page without selecting a check.



Check Detail

Select if you want to Keep Detail Lines as Unpaid (see below for more information).


Keeping Detail Lines as Unpaid


If this option is selected and you are voiding a Manual Check a new invoice is placed in Manage Unposted Transactions that may be edited and saved or deleted. There is no invoice present in View Transaction Inquiry for the vendor. This prevents the possibility of creating off-balance journal entries by undoing an invoice for the manual check. The original invoice number is retained on the invoice placed in Manage Unposted Transactions. You may want to change this invoice number.


If this option is selected and you are voiding a Regular Invoice the voided entry appears in View Transaction Inquiry and a saved invoice is also made available which can be paid again through Payment Processing.


NOT Keeping Detail Lines as Unpaid


If this option is not selected the Invoice Number column for the voided entry in View Transaction Inquiry displays the original invoice number with "VOIDED" in the Type column. For Regular Invoices no additional invoice is displayed on the View Transaction Inquiry page. For Manual Checks an unsaved invoice is created and available on the Manage Unposted Transactions page.


Click the Add to Grid button to add the selected check to the grid. You can click the Delete  icon by any check to be prompted to delete that check from the grid.  The Void Checks grid contains the following columns for each check:


Check Number

Check Date



Keep Detail: A check appears in this column if you have selected to keep detail lines as unpaid.



Void Check Edit Report

The Void Check Edit Report button is available once you add at least one check to be voided in the grid. You can also select the top box to select all checks in the grid. Click this button to display a preview of the Accounts Payable Void Check Edit report. Once the preview displays you can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print. Click the Close Report button to return to the Void Checks page.



Post Voided Checks

Click the Void Checks button to begin the voiding process for all checks in the grid (More Information).


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