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Distribution Information

Modify Distribution Information allows you to set up distributions you can use when entering invoices. You may have invoices that need to be charged to different General Ledger account numbers based on a percentage of the total amount of the invoice. Here you can define the account numbers and the percentage to be charged to each account. The percent total must equal 100%.

This Section Includes:


Distribution Grid




In the Filters area you can filter the grid by Name. Click the Search button to display the results or the Clear Filters link to reset all filters.

Distribution Grid


The grid displays distributions matching the selected filters with the following columns:


Note: Hover over the Note  icon to preview the note.

Setup: Hover over the Information  icon to display user and time information for when the distribution was set up and last updated.

Double-click on a distribution or click the Edit  icon to edit a distribution in the grid. Click the Add New Distribution link to add a new distribution (More Information). Click the Delete  icon by an existing distribution to be prompted to delete that distribution.