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Contribution Application Settings


Use this page to make default setting selections. Alternately, you can adjust settings on individual workstations through the Contributions Application settings.

Days Back – Enter the number of days back from the current day occurrences should display, if taking attendance at time of contribution processing.

Process Attendance – Set to true if marking attendance at time of contribution processing. Attendance is marked for the individual contributor.

MICR Comm Port – You can optionally specify the communication port for the check scanner that should be automatically detected.

Temp Image Path – Temporary directory file path where scanned images are stored. Default location is the Image Cache folder.

Allow Importing – If using Shelby Teller, set to True to import scanned batches.

Batch Label Lookup Type – Use this option to specify a different Lookup Type to use for batch labels.

Batch Report Path – Use this option to select the batch report if different from the default.

Fund Priority List – Select the funds that should be available by default for all users. Users can also select funds to be available. All other active funds display in a drop-down list.

Roles with access to Finalized Batches – Select security roles of users who should have access to finalized batches.

Roles with access to only Mission contributions - Select security roles of users who can process mission traveler contributions.

Show Batch Report Button – Select Yes to display batch report button.

Show Inactive Warning Message - Select Yes to display inactive warning message when selecting an inactive record.

Show Pledge Information – Select Yes to display pledge information.

Show Project Codes – Select Yes to display project codes.