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Application Settings


On this page, you can configure default settings for the Contributions, Mailing, Check-In and Family Registration (Self-hosted only) Click-Once applications. You can also configure some of these settings direct in the applications. (Before running these applications, install Microsoft .Net 4.0, Microsoft Report Viewer 2008, and 2010 on all workstations that use these applications. Whenever you install a new Arena release or patch, click-once applications update automatically. The next time the user runs the click-once application, it automatically updates.)

From the drop-down list, select an Application to make changes. Changes are global for all users accessing the application. You can make specific workstation adjustments through the workstation application settings option.

Application – Use this drop-down list to select the desired application to display the application settings.

System – This drop-down list displays the computers that have launched the Mailing application.