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Print Contributions Statements Example


Below is an example of printing contribution statements using the Five Fund Statement format.

1.          Download the Contribution Statements Five Funds report from the Arena Hub.

2.          Customize the report to have your funds as default settings. Also to add logos or change the legal disclaimer.

3.          Manage Membership for statements:

    i.          Have a tag for those members who wish to receive a printed statement no matter what.

    ii.          Run a list to bulk update all children to contribute individually

    iii.          Run a basic list to set all people with an email address to Email Statement: TRUE, Print Statement: False, And to set the PIN Using Bulk update (If you want to email statements)

    iv.          Run an advanced list to set all people with no email address or who are in the print statement tag to Print Statement: TRUE, Email Statement: False

4.          Print Statements:

    i.          Go to Contribution > Reports

    ii.          Click on Contribution Statement Five Funds Report

    iii.          Change any settings needed (include pledge without giving, no address on file, etc.)

    iv.          Leave the Null box marked to run for all people whoa re marked print statement true and have the minimum total giving needed.

5.          (Optional) See Email Statements.