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Email Statements


NOTE: You must have the "EmailContributionStmt" Agent configured prior to sending email statements. From the Administration menu, select the Agent Management option to ensure this is configured.

1.          Set which Contribution Statement Report is being used in the Module Settings.

2.          From the Email Statements page, you can select all records with Contributions or select a specific Public List of records to email contribution statements.

NOTE: When selecting All People, Arena will build the list of recipients based on the choices made below and for people who are marked email statement. You can build a public list in order to email statements to a smaller group of people. Create a list of records to send statements or skip this step if you elect to email all contributors.

3.          Enter or select the From Date.

4.          Enter or select the To Date.

5.          Enter the Minimum Gift amount to limit who will receive a Statement. This is the total giving amount.

6.          If you do not select to Filter Amounts By Date, the statement will be for all donations in the year of the end date. Select this option for non year end statements.

7.          The Include Pledge Without Gift includes people who have not made donations if they have made a pledge. Select this option for non year end statements.

8.          Select Funds: If you are using the Contribution Statement Five Funds, you do not have to change these options as they are not used.

9.          Clicking the Send Emails button queries the messages to be sent by the Email Contribution Statement Agent.