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Metric Security


Arena has the option to set security for specific metrics. Arena Administrators can set View and Edit permissions for individual users and specific Security Roles for each metric. If a metric has child metrics, take into consideration the parent and child metrics when setting security. In addition to View permission for the Metrics page and Metric Chart module, you can apply the below steps for individual metrics. Keep in mind that if you elect to apply Edit permission for a metric, also apply Edit permission for the Metric Chart module. Edit permission is then only available to the individual metrics to which you apply Edit permissions.

Set Metric Security

1.          Select the Metric you want to set security.

2.          Click the Security  icon of the metric you want to set security.

3.          From the Available Roles drop-down list, select the security role you want to add. Click the Add Person link to search and select a specific record.

4.          Click the Add Role button. If adding an individual person, once you select the person from the Popup Person Results page, they are listed in the Current Roles/People window.

5.          With the role or individual person selected, select the permissions you want to apply.

6.          Click the Update button.