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The Appointments page works in conjunction with the Institutions page. After Institutions have been established, you can use the Appointments page to manage the appointments within those institutions.


This Help page contains the following sections:

Appointment Grid Features

Add a new Appointment


Delete an Appointment


Appointment Grid Features

The Header fields (Name, Institution, Position, etc.) can be used to group or sort appointments.

Drag a Header field to the top to group the appointments. (Example: Name)

Click on a Header field to sort the appointments. (Example: Start Date)

The Menu icons can be used to group, sort, or filter appointments.

Click the Menu  icon to filter the appointments. (Example: Position contains "Youth Pastor") The Filter fields are case sensitive.

NOTE: Filters are cleared when you navigate away and come back to the Appointments page.


Add a New Appointment

Click the Add New Appointment  icon in the right-hand corner to add a new appointment. Select the Person*, Start Date*, End Date, Institution*, Position*, Salary, ACH, and Memo. (*Required Fields)

The following check boxes are also available when adding a new appointment:

Moving to a New Appointment (Set End Date on Old): Select this option to set the End Date on this person's current position to be the day before the Start Date for the new appointment.

Update Prior Appointment End Date?: Select this option to set the End Date on on the current appointee's position to be the day before the Start Date for the new appointment.



View a Memo

Click the Expand  icon to view the memo(s) for an appointment.


Add a Memo

Click the Edit  icon to add a new memo. Enter text into the Memo field and then click the Update button.


Modify or Delete a Memo

Navigate to the appointment on the Institutions page (Select "Institutions" from the Headquarters menu. Click on the Institution link, the Position link, and then click the Appointee link.) and then click either the Edit  icon to modify or the Delete  icon to delete a memo.


Delete an Appointment

Click the Delete  icon to end or remove an appointment. The Delete Appointment window appears.


Enter the End Date for the appointment into the Effective Date field and then click the Update button. (This is the same as editing an appointment and entering an End date.)

If you want to totally remove the appointment from the system, select the Deleting an appointment (Permanently Remove Position History) check box and then click the Update button.